Don't forget to smile 🙃

Smile File, a new blog post & Google for webpages

Bad days. *cue Bad Day by Daniel Powter* We all have it. I talk to my coach/friend (Hi Chiara 👋) often about my bad days and how it sometimes leads to spirals of self-doubt, turning my bad days into bad weeks or months. Not a great feeling.

She encouraged me to create a “Smile File.” Whenever something great happens — a successful event, a milestone reached, kind words from a colleague or friend — I capture that feeling, collect the kind words and add it to my “Smile File.” So that when I have a bad day, or even if I’m having a neutral day, there’s a whole list of great things to remind me there are many reasons to smile and keep chugging along.

Since that conversation, I put this Smile File on my “daily dashboard” so I’m reminded often. The added benefit is I more actively look out for the good things to add to the list, helpful for someone who latches onto the bad and discounts the celebration of the good.

Here’s a preview of mine. Now go ahead and make your own!

🚀 Project of the week

Wrote a blog post: Come for the Value Prop, Stay for the Community. I talked about community as my love language & how, increasingly, it’s turning out to be a strategy product builders and creators use for their offerings.

Check it out, share and send me feedback!

👀 Nudge of the week

Remember those moments when you needed to slog through a LOOOOONG article, blog post, or piece of writing, but really only needed ONE question answered?

Introducing Hebbia: go to a webpage, open up your Hebbia Chrome extensions and type in your question. It’ll highlight answers you’re looking for so you don’t have to scroll through an endless list of nothings. Like Google for a webpage.

I’ve been using it for easily perusing my research and readings. They just launched on Product Hunt.

Always smiling,