Friendly reminder: You've come a long way

+ Experimenting on a new format for these updates

Hey friends!

Spazzing up the format for this week, with categories titled “___ of the week.” Let me know what you think?

👀 Discovery of the week

I recently chanced upon Ali Abdaal, a junior doctor by day, Youtube creator (+newsletter writer, podcast host, & course content creator) by night.

I read through a hand pick of his Sunday Snippets. Two things that resonated:

  1. Consistency is king. If you notice, I am 3 days late from sending this newsletter out (oops). I almost told myself “should I just not?!” But as it’s my 15th consecutive post and I have NOT broken the streak so far, why break it now?

    I imagine no one will care about something as trivial as a missed email, but I feel that when it comes to building productive habits, consistency and ‘just showing up’ is really important.

  2. Have to vs. get to. If my should vs. must spiel hasn’t given the signal yet, I’m a huge proponent of language shaping behavior.

    When you’re slogging through a thing to do, instead of saying “I have to send this newsletter to a bunch of people,” try reframing it as “I get to send this newsletter to a bunch of people.” A debilitating task then turns into an awesome opportunity you just gotta grab. See if it changes your impetus to do the task.

🧠 Learning of the week

Friendly reminder: You’ve come a long way, now help others out, too. Check my tweet thread below as I reflect on two humbling moments.

🚀 Projects of the week

Launching a Cognity Labs newsletter called Cognity Stack. Our first article is about SV vs SEA corporate cultural differences. A snippet of the diagram I analyze:

Cognity Stack is an experiment in thought leadership & learnings on the tech scene in Southeast Asia. We hope you join us in the journey.

‘Til next week!

Your friendly reminder-er,